Farewell to our Beloved Colleagues

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Four strong pillars of VDJS-Ms Nalini Egbert, Mr SR Ganti, Mr Vivekanand Akuli and Mrs Chandana Akuli were given a virtual farewell on the 20th of May. Having spent more than two decades at VDJS they are leaving behind a legacy of  excellence, dedication and unmatched commitment. The evening was an emotional send off to the legends with trips down memory lane, sharing of anecdotes and talks.

The memories of the members of the staff were shared in the form of a message board.

Videos of students and alumnae as an expression of their gratitude for each of the teachers was also much appreciated. A wonderful surprise was a heartwarming message from their first Principal Mrs Kripalani. Principal Ms Mehrotra congratulated each of them on the successful completion of their innings. Talking about the achievements and contributions of each of them she reminded them of their lifelong bond with the school and how the campus will always remain a loving home for them. She also promised another farewell ceremony on campus, once the situation normalises.  A fun quiz and songs brought lots of cheer amongst all.

The outgoing members shared their eventful journey talking about the pedagogical influences that contributed to their professional growth, the opportunities they got, the challenges they overcame and the various roles and responsibilities they shouldered.

The VDJS community remains indebted to them for their invaluable contribution and we wish each of them lots of luck for their future.

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