28th Alumnae Meet

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It all comes back to the place that has nourished and nurtured the saplings and helped them grow for better every passing day. No matter how many years lapse since one leaves an institution, it’s an abode which has always given the best memories with friends who turned into family, teachers into forever mentors and themselves into an enhanced personality.

What is better than to officially revisit one’s home at least once a year in order to pay due gratitude to the school and get together with the forever pals and remember and revel in the best memories of nostalgia.

74 old students could not afford to leave this opportunity as they, along with their batch mates, visited the School for the 28th Alumnae Meet on the 9th November. This year the School offered them the opportunity to stay on campus so that they could enjoy exploring their familiar spaces one more time. They could be seen all over the school revisiting their favourite spots, eyeing the new infrastructure and remembering their time with sweet nostalgia. A sense of pride could be easily spotted on their bright faces. The excitement they had for savouring the kadi-chawal (especially cooked for the alumnae) in lunch and paranthas the following Sunday was beyond comprehension for the present VDJS students.

Later in the day, Class X and the Science students from senior secondary wing attended a session with Ms Rajni Jindal, the Chief Guest. Ms Jindal is from the Batch of 1992 and is a Punjab based renowned physician. Undoubtedly, it was an excellent opportunity for the children to hear the success story of a person who started her journey from the same school. She shared some relatable stories about her school life and also a tad bit about the professional one. She asserted that the school had given her the best times which she will always be grateful for.

They were also present in large numbers for the meeting which was presided over by the Principal. Principal Ms Shalini Mehrotra urged them to visit school in large numbers and contribute in the lives of the students in whichever way possible. Expressing joy at being back they promised to be more engaged with the school. They expressed satisfaction and joy at the improved infrastructure and the achievements of the school in different fields. The girls also filled a questionnaire about opening up of an institute of higher learning in Hisar under the Jindal banner.

The evening was another part of the day that everybody had eagerly waited for. The alumnae received a loving souvenir from school and enjoyed a great evening of dance, music and shared memories.

The dance and musical rhapsodies which had been painstakingly put together by students were much appreciated by all as it helped them recollect the memories of the days when they used to perform on the same stage. A few of them from different Batches shared their long-cherished memories and experiences related to this wondrous place, the time spent in the company of their friends and the role played by teachers in their lives. All of them urged the present students to extract the best out of all this beautiful institution has to offer. They also talked about the values and ethos of the school that have been continuing from their time and that should never be diluted. This was followed by a sumptuous dinner, and all of them let loose their hair dancing on their favourite numbers in the much-awaited jam session.

The Meet turned out a great success with every alumna returning home happy and contented with a promise to come back again next year.


The Chief Guest- Ms Rajni Jindal

Ms Rajni Jindal is an alumna of Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar from the Batch1992. She had joined the school way back in 1984 as a 10-year old kid.

She did her Masters in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the SMS, medical College Jaipur. Thereafter she has worked in various prestigious institutes including Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and Maulana Azad Medical College to hone her skills in gynae-endoscopy and assisted reproductive techniques and foetal medicine. 

She is married to Dr Rajesh Jindal, who is a renowned cardiologist and electrophysiologist and both are successfully running Jindal Heart Institute and infertility Centre at Bathinda.


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