A joyful 71st Republic Day at VDJS

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In keeping with the school’s resolve to attract, retain and spread joyfulness through all activities Republic Day was celebrated in a non-traditional manner. Everyone gathered  for a non formal celebration which entailed enjoying the freedom to engage in the activity of their choice. Staff and students had a wide platter to choose from and they let their playful side come out with absolute abandon.

The program began with the hoisting of the School flag by Principal Ms Shalini Mehrotra. Everyone joined in the National Anthem which was followed by a patriotic song. Thereafter ma’am unveiled the Happiness Pledge and administered it to the School community. The pledge was a vow wherein each person promised to become the epicenter of happiness through thoughts and action and play a role in making the school a happy place. Principal Ms Mehrotra reminded everyone how important it is to find happiness in every little thing that we do and not wait for such symbolic occasions for the same. She spoke about the futility of chasing excellence and perfection at all times if it comes at the cost of joy. This was followed by a Happiness Run.

Once the formal part of the day was over everyone proceeded to partake in the activities of their choice. Girls took part in doodling, kiteflying, sack race, lemon and spoon race, three legged race, dance training, aerobics, campus cleaning, cycling, nukkad natak and so much more. They kept juggling from one activity to the other wanting to be a part of as many as possible. The staff too joined in the fun with great enthusiasm. It was sheer delight to see the didis and bhaiyyas join the students in dances and other activities.

The day ended with a sumptuous brunch and with a smile on everyone’s face.

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