A Report on visit the CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

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Class X students accompanied by 6 teachers visited the CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi on 24th November. Dr. Paramita welcomed the students and introduced them about the CSIR-NPL where research related to Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Electronics is conducted. She added that CSIR-NPL maintains the Indian Standard Time (IST). It is also a National Measurement Institute (NMI) by an act of Parliament and calibration of standard weights, lengths, instruments like voltmeter,

ammeter etc. which are used in schools, colleges and other institutions.

CSIR-NPL has several labs. Students divided in Three groups visited the following labs: carbon lab, X-Ray diffraction lab, Gas meteorology lab and Temp. & Humidity lab. In the carbon lab, they learnt about carbon fibers, carbon nano tubes, fabrics made from carbon fiber both in 3 D and 2 D mode and application of these in missiles, bullet-proof vests, cars etc. In the X- Ray diffraction lab, they learnt about the structure of the crystalline substance i.e. positions of atoms, their bonds and bond length etc. In the Meteorology lab, techniques to check the air quality were shown and discussed. In the Temp. & Humidity lab, the students learnt about the calibration of temperature measurement instruments. Visiting the laboratory was a great learning experience for the students and teachers.  

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