A session on Personal and Social Safety was conducted by the school counsellor for classes IV- VIII

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post dinner on 24.09.2019 in the school auditorium. The session started with a discussion of
instances when the students feel absolutely safe and a discussion about safe spaces. All the
students acknowledged the importance of safety and the freedom one feels in secure
surroundings. The theme of personal safety was discussed with reference to safety of body and
mind where safety of mind, was the focus of the discussion. Students watched a video which
made them aware about how everyone feels emotions of both happiness and sadness. It also
discussed the frequency and tide of emotional surges through visual depiction of what happens in
our brains when we are about to reach puberty and how feeling it all is PERFECTLY NORMAL
(including crying)!
The theme of social safety was discussed through videos showing how teasing someone can be
much more than ‘just a joke’ as well as how WE ALL undergo rejection in various ways and
how to deal with it. The idea of building a Social Safety Net, to take the onus of the safety of
those around us, was discussed as a measure to ensure total social safety for all.
Girls have been volunteering to be a part of the Safety Squad as they are strong enough to take up
this amazing responsibility!

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