Head Girl's Message

Tanisha Singh

VDJS has an aura of its own. It has a beautiful campus, nurturing great minds to move out in the real world with boldness in their character and intellect in their speech. This school has a very healthy lifestyle which gives competition and companionship equal inculcation in our characters.

Being a Head-Girl, I feel proud to lead a bunch of such confident girls filled with ideas unleashing great potential with endless opportunities at our gates. The girls leave no stone unturned to achieve the maximum of their abilities.

We the Jindalities, known for our hospitality and warmth has given us the gift of today by just being here. My experience of this school has been one with lots of learning. VDJS has enriched me in many ways to be good enough to face the outer world with utmost confidence and optimism in me. Jindalites have and will always keep the school flag waving high in the sky.

With regards
Tanisha Singh