Welcome to VDJS Middle School

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers- Tennyson

Girls are admitted to Middle School from grades4 to 7 in age group 9+ to 12+ years.

Girls are admitted to Middle School from grades4 to 7 in age group 9+ to 12+ years.

Everyday Learning

Learning in the Middle School is rooted in traditional values with a modern outlook. The day starts with resting mind, body and soul through yoga and sound meditation. Sanskrit is the buzzword. Recitation of shalokas in Sanskrit is an everyday practice. Special assemblies make significant days all the more auspicious. Flag hoisting followed by a salute to the National Flag, pledge and then the National Anthem every Tuesday, is one little step to keep patriotism alive.


The aim is to provide a foundation of learning that is based broadly upon the National Curriculum significantly enhanced with an international approachthat enables them to become truly global citizens. We place a great emphasis on helping girls to become confident readers whocan think scientifically and have strong mathematical skills. Lessons in the Middle School include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science as compulsory subjects. The medium of instruction is English.
The Third language is introduced in Grade VI through afusion of games, songs, and activities. The child is free to choose one amongst French, German or Sanskrit. Well equippedlanguage labs facilitate the learning of these languages.

Experiential Learning

Our educational methodology is based on the understanding that when children enjoy what they do, they learn it for life. Academicsis enriched by the learning pedagogy like ProjectBased Learning, Atal Tinkering Lab, and Mind Spark educational tools. Independent thinking and learning through discussions and group activities are also encouraged. Our objective is to gently train and teach our students to believe in themselves as learners and as individuals.This way, students continuously learn and retain not just write and memorize.


At VDJS, we strive to instill in every student that the yearning to learn is the ultimate key to victory and that with a strong belief in oneself there can be no barrier to success. A richco-scholasticcurriculumtransacted through various hobby clubs make a vital contribution in helping students develop good values, foster self-confidence and help in personality development. Towards this goal, we have developed various extra-curricular activities at VDJS with specialist teachers, who excel at bringing out the best in every child and enable her to take pride in herself.
We have distinctive art and craft classes; classical singing and western music and our young performers just steal the show once they are on stage with their instruments for an orchestra composition. Dance room is their favourite spot. Inter-House and IPSC Inter-School co-curricular activities are the highlights of the school. These are conducted during the year to tap into the students' special interests and talent. Students are encouraged to excel at various sports.VDJS has expert coaches employed to train the students. At the end of every school year, the “Best Sportsperson” award in various sports is given to the deserving students. There are Inter-House and Inter-School competitions conducted over the year. Children also participate in Sports competitions at National and International levels.
The school thus caters to extend and enrich the creative, cultural, environmental, social and physical development of every student.


Learning Resource Center
The School is justifiably proud of a spacious, well stocked, open-shelf library cum resource center designed to encourage girls to develop an interest in a variety of subjects and to allow them the facility of research and indepth study.

Interactive Boards

The School makes extensive use of audio-visual ICT-enabled teaching aids. Classes are equipped with interactive boards making the classes very interesting and equally engaging for our young learners.

Live Learning

There is an active emphasis on real learning, which is fostered through Educational trips to other parts of the country and visits to institutions and industries within the country.
Students also travel overseas to participate in programs under Round Square programmes. Professionals from all fields are invited to give talks and run workshops for staff and students.

Faculty Development Programmes

The great strength of the school is its teachers, and the low turnover of staff is a strong point of the school. The School is also committed to Staff Development through a wide range of on-going in-service programs and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy, but also in areas such as psychological counseling, emotional quotient, personality development, and career counseling.
The Staff to students ratio is 1:10. The strength of each section in Classes IV to VII is confined to a maximum of 25. Hence, each child receives individual attention and is encouraged to approach teachers for help with problem areas both in and out of class. Remedial classes are provided for the students who require personal and extra care.