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Why should I consider VDJS for my daughter’s education?
With 100% Board Result, VDJS stands as the Centre of Academic Excellence. A purely vegetarian cuisine, extensive opportunities for cultural and sporting activities, alliances with IPSC, NPSC, Round Square Organisation and the British Council make the dream of a holistic education possible at VDJS.
What type of organization you are?

    VDJS is a non-profit organization located at 16 K.M. Stone on Delhi Road, Hisar (NH-10), and is spread on a campus of over 47 acres. It is an English medium residential institution for girls, started in 1984.

What are the benefits of boarding education at VDJS?

Boarders not only get world-class academic programme, but also have time to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities along with childhood freedoms within secure four walls of the school. Being together in boarding with other children fosters rich life experiences, important inter and intra-personal skills, time management, great friendships under the able guidance of dedicated adults in a warm community.

How many girls are there at VDJS?

There are over 750 girls at VDJS under 3 sections of the School – Middle (Grade IV-VII), Secondary ( VIII to X) and Senior Secondary (XI and XII). Class sizes vary depending on year group, but they are generally quite small with 22-27 girls per section.

How many staff do you have?

The school has 76 qualified and experienced teachers from all over the country and a trained administrative staff of approximately 43 members residing inside the Campus to provide 24x7 guidance to girls. The students, teachers and staff work together to develop a unique blend

What is the right age for sending my daughter to your boarding school?

Our experience is that in general children adapt better to boarding earlier rather than later. Starting together in class 4, boarders quickly feel at home.

What is the leave policy at VDJS?

A child can avail three days of leave only in an academic session. The detailed information regarding mode of application for leave is given in the Code of Conduct booklet, which will be provided at the time of admission. Parents are also permitted to visit the school on their daughter's birthday and can take her for a day out. Apart from this, the child goes home for around 90 days in a year during summer vacation, Diwali break and winter vacation. During Sundays and other holidays, a rigorous activity / entertainment schedule is in place to be followed by the girls. Frequent outings and meetings with parents are not permitted during the session, but there are House Parent Meets and Parent Teacher Meetings calendared across the year to provide opportunity to the parents to visit school and meet their child.

What happens on Sundays?

On Sundays boarders pursue activities and sports as per their interest. They even have different types of entertainment programmes or outings in the city organised by their house or mentors.

How much contact do children have with their parents in term time?

The boarders have easy and frequent contact with their parents. Each boarder has an email address and she can send/receive emails to their parents. They are entitled for a half an hour weekly call to their parents, which is facilitated by their mentors. For this purpose, they are given personal mobile handsets, which remains in their mentors’ custody during the week.

How much contact do parents have with the staff?

Parents have direct contact with the boarder’s Mentor, Dorm Parent and House Mistress. It is advisable to contact them in the evenings and during given timings, as during day they all are involved in rigorous academic and activity schedule with children. However, in case of emergency they can be contacted any time of the day.

What is the food like at VDJS?

The girls tell us that the food is delicious! Our catering team works hard to provide a wide variety of vegetarian food and also caters for girls with special dietary requirements or allergies. Students enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

How will we know what events and activities are happening at VDJS throughout the term?

You may view the recent activities and updates of our school by clicking on the News/Events Section of our school website. Moreover, a hard copy of the school calendar is given to the girls at the beginning of each new session and the soft copy is also available on the website.

How do you keep me informed about my child’s progress?

We have very small mentor groups (10-12 girls) and your child’s mentor will keep in regular contact with you. We also send home progress reports at half term and a full progress report at the end of each term. If you have any concerns, questions, or just want to know how your child is progressing or settling in, Housemistress or Dorm Parent will be happy to help you at any point in the term.

What do the girls think about studying and boarding at VDJS?

If you want to hear from the girls themselves about what it's like to be a Jindalite, click through to 'Our Girls’ page and see what they say.

In which grade my girl can join VDJS & which board you are affiliated to?

The school offers admissions from IV to IX and XI under the 10+2 pattern of the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (CBSE), New Delhi, to which the institution has been affiliated. The detailed information is given under ‘Admissions’ on the website.

When should we bring our daughter to look around the school?

Boarding at VDJS is very popular. So, it is advisable to register your interest as early as possible. To find out more about boarding at VDJS or to organise a tour of the School, write to info@vdjs.edu.in