Name: Nikhil Rudra
Department: Administration
Designation: Administrator

Nikhil Rudra took over as the Administrator of VDJS in Jan 2020. With over 24 years of cross industry experience in the tea, BPO, textile and education industries, Nikhil Rudra has held roles across a wide range of functions such as operations, administration, and human resources. An alumnus of Sherwood College, Naini Tal, he has been a keen sportsman throughout his life and has a love for the outdoors. He graduated in History Honours and is an MBA with specialisation in Operations and holds a Diploma in Educational Administration and Management. Nikhil Rudra is also a certified International Career Coach.

Mr Rudra believes that a happy person is a more effective person….be it parents, staff, or worker. With the pupil being the intended beneficiary of all decisions taken, it is important to create a client centric cosmos where individuals and departments work in synergy with one another.