Awareness Sessions for Staff

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Counsellor’s Session for the Wellness Center Staff

A talk on the theme- ‘Wounded self in a wounded body’ was conducted for the Wellness Centre Staff by the school counsellor on 27th November. It was aimed at highlighting the vital psychological aspects of the patients in case of specific physiological ailments. Psychoeducation related to psychological dimensions in scenarios of eating or appetite dysfunction, self-harm, stress, obesity, general chronic malaise and other symptoms signalling psychosis was imparted. Diagnostic criteria of majorly witnessed psychological dysfunctions which are co-morbid with physiological ailments were also discussed and clarified.

Awareness Session for Support Staff

An awareness session on POCSO Act, Cyber Crime and Bullying was organized for the Support staff on 27th November. Dr Archana, DSWD, discussed about the different aspects related to  Child safety in the campus. Special emphasis was on the careful usage of the language, dressing sense, dos and don’ts while dealing with children. They were briefed about the activities which have legal consequences. Dr Sharma exhorted them to be more vigilant and prompt in reporting matters of concern to the higher authorities and thus help making our society safe for the children.

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