Bal Mela

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On 14 th November 2022 , our school organized a Bal Mela to celebrate Children Day in the school premises. This was the effort made to keep the  spirit of  childhood and child alive within every individual .VDJS gave the opportunity to the children to plunge into a world full of frolic and laughter! The  fete was inaugurated by the school Principal Ms .Shalini Mehrotra.

The array of sumptuous eatable stalls, joyful camel ride, lucky draw, tambola and exciting  games were the main attractions of the mela .Dressed in bright clothes, the children cheerfully hopped from one stall to other. They were given coupons to spend on whatever they wanted. Children got their moments captured in  memories of digital devices. The sky was colourful throughout with the colourful balloons.Music on demand was in the limelight of the fete. Everytime one could see many children waiting for their songs to be  played ;  the songs were dedicated to their friends, teachers or any other member of VDJS family. The  event concluded with the raffle draw , the most happening and conclusive moment in which many exciting prizes like tabs, Bluetooth speaker, bicycle were to the winners . The overall ambience was stunning , fun-frolic and fabulous. 

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