Biodiversity Day

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Biodiversity Day was commemorated on May 22 through a thought provoking discussion for the Geography students of Classes XI and XII. Over a period of two days the students shared their concerns, suggestions and vision for a more sustainability promoting planet through preservation of the rich bio-resources of India. Making use of PPTs the students gave an informative talk on different environmental issues such as air, water and land pollution with suggestions for its conservation. Another important segment was a talk by students on the importance of national parks in the preservation of wildlife heritage of India. The Guest speaker Dr Preeti Shrivastava, senior Biology teacher from St.Thomas School Ranchi, Jharkhand  appreciated the efforts of the students and reminded them of their responsibility towards environmental preservation through acts like plantation. She congratulated the students for their well researched PPTs and expressed hope and confidence that the girls would be sensitive custodians of the plane

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