Brahma Kumari’s Session

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As a part of the collaboration with the BK Sisters, two separate sessions for Classes IX & X were conducted in the LRC and auditorium on 23rd April on the topics  “Digital Detox” by Sister Sunaina  and “Joy of Giving” by Sister Monika.  Sister Sunaina enlightened the girls of Class X with the meaning, necessity and advantages of ‘digital detox’ in today’s time when gadgets and the internet have swarmed human life at the grass-root level. She also shared the harmful effects of digitalisation and exposure to blue light on the human brain and body. Sister Monika encouraged the girls of Class IX to inculcate the value of selfless love and the joy to contribute in their life. Activities like ‘passing the pillow’, ‘blessings for the gathering’, ‘chicken dance’ made the session buoyant and effective.  The sessions were illuminating as it helped the girls to realise the significance of digital detoxification and compassion to ensure a healthy life.

A session on ‘Effective Communication’ was held in the auditorium for the staff on 23rd April. The keynote speaker, BK Sister Sunaina, brought to light the need for healthy communication in the busy and hectic human life pattern. During the interactive session, she delved in detail about the meaning, purpose, means and levels of communication. With the help of hands-on activity, she addressed the issues of communication gap, poor listening skills and emphasised the need of a healthy dialogue with oneself and the people around. The session helped the attendees in the cleansing of their assumptions about their relationships with themselves and others and also in giving a fresh beginning to these relationships.

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