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(28 JULY-30 JULY,2023)


The Boarding School Association of India organized a three-day conference from 28 July to 30 July 2023  at Sela Qui International School for boarding school teachers. Mrs. Shakila Banu, Mrs. Neelam Rai, Mrs. Seema Singh, and Miss Mona Chaudhary attended. There were a series of workshops conducted on topics like role —Role of a teacher in a Boarding school, Communication, and conflict resolution, Leadership skills, Team Building, Role of a Tutor by renowned Headmasters of leading residential schools including the core committee members of the BSAI.

The key learnings were: Actual learning of the students starts after academic hours in a residential school. Residential school teachers are called the masters as they are involved in all areas of teaching and learning be it sports or activities along with academic transactions. The intellectual quotient should be accompanied by a social-emotional quotient to enhance the change quotient. Teachers should work as a team with trust to make various tasks a success. The senior or the old teachers should always be ready to mentor the new ones. Finally, Tutors should be able to take some time for their personal growth also.

The overall workshop was enriching, and it did create a lasting impact.

Key takeaways from DSWA:

If you are connected with your students outside the classroom, you will never face a problem connecting them inside the classroom. Boarding School masters are to spend a lot of time with their students outside the four walls of the classroom to make positive connections and build strong relationships.

Each one of the community, be it the top leaders, experienced or a new kid on the block, each and everyone is responsible for the happy and positive environment of the School.

With proper communication and a positive attitude, any difficult situation can be converted into an easy and challenging one.

Key takeaways from Mona:

Be realistic in your approach.

Be there for your tutees because 80 percent of the connection and learning is built outside the classroom space.

Prepare your tutees for life skills and in the process of their learning teach them to make every situation from difficult to challenging.

Empower them to become lifelong learners and take a strong sense of pride in their value system.

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