The School has a vibrant program of co-curricular activities to ensure opportunities for expression of literary, artistic, oratorical, technological and sporting talent of our girls. A proper hobby orientation program helps children identify their interest and join the relevant Hobby. A robust mentorship model exists in school and we have the young students flowering under the guidance of faculty and their seniors. To complement the efforts of our very talented staff the school invites experts from different fields to provide greater exposure to the girls. The girls showcase their skill by representing the school for various Inter-School competitions, MUNs and IPSC events.


The members of the Archives Club are the chroniclers of the School. They can often be seen scouring through old records, magazines and interviewing long serving staff members to reconstruct and document the history of the School. Connecting with alumnae and recording their memories is another role that the members fulfill.

Commerce Club
In the age of globalization, where foreign investment, capital market, capital structure of the companies, marketing strategy and human resource management have taken a shift, the updated knowledge about these dynamics is significant for the students. The Commerce Club promotes the practical understanding of current business environment and its relevant forces. Opportunities are provided to the students to understand the current business environment. The efforts are made to develop a practical outlook in the students to view Commerce not as a discipline but as a scope and as a career option. The students are motivated to track the latest happenings at national and international levels and are asked to research on them and find conclusions which are further shared in the form of discussions.

Digital Designing
The students make a foray into designing as members of the Club. They learn the deft use of software like Photoshop, Publisher and Indesign by getting opportunities to design brochures, posters, and fliers. The girls unleash their creativity and often display their skill in project-based learning assignments.

Drama Club
William Shakespeare claimed that – All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. The members of the Drama Club learn the nuances of expressive mechanisms (voice and bodily expression), elements of stagecraft and production. They showcase their skill during Inter-House competitions, theme-based assemblies or by participating in Inter-School events.


Legal Literacy Club
The purpose of the Legal Literacy Club in the school is to enable the students to know the key provisions of the important laws of the country including the Constitution of India, so that they not only understand their rights and responsibilities but also create awareness among other students and help them to become legal literate and responsible citizens of the country. The club organizes sessions in the form of debates and general discussion on many topics affecting our day to day lives such as consumer rights, domestic violence, problem of bullying in schools and universities etc. The participants learn about the key provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, CBSE Guidelines on the prevention of bullying in the schools, Traffic Rules and Regulations, Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens and the Hindu and Muslim Family Laws. The members of the club also participate in Inter-School and District Level competitions.

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Model United Nations Club
Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is a Club where students role-play delegates of the United Nations and simulate UN Committees. The members engage in research followed by vibrant discussions on various current and significant global issues. The Club organizes mock sessions and workshops wherein girls are trained in the art of informed discussion. The activities help the girls to master skills of public speaking, debating, and writing, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Nature Club
Ecological consciousness is instilled in the girls by offering them hands on learning through active engagement in the tending of the school Botanical garden and Organic Farming programme. The girls engage in planting saplings, nature walks, collection of different types of plants, leaves, insects and building nests for the sparrows, to name a few. The members have also meticulously labeled all the plants and trees in the school campus this year.

Tinkering Club
The members of the Tinkering Club are the technical and innovative minds of the School and are always buzzing with new ideas. They can often be seen tinkering in the lab coming up with various DIY projects. They also fulfill a larger social purpose by organizing activities for children from less privileged backgrounds. A lot of STEAM education activities of the School are spearheaded by them.

Hobbies on Offer

Aerobics hobby entails improving the flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness of girls by making them go through rhythmic movements to the accompaniment of music. The girls enjoy the stretching and strength training routines under the guidance of the instructor. Apart from the fitness conscious girls the music lovers and those desirous on losing weight join the Hobby in large numbers.

The School Pipe Band has members from Classes VII-XII. They learn an assortment of tunes which includes popular western numbers and patriotic songs. In addition to gaining mastery over their chosen instrument the girls also practice marching for the Band Display. As part of their training routine the members develop a sense of pride and acquire qualities of leadership and self-discipline. They are most sought after for the major school functions where they give the Guard of Honour. The girls represent the school for IPSC s and have been winning laurels.


The fans of brain games make a beeline for the Chess Hobby. Girls hone their skill by playing with partners and also against a computer. They are taught the various tactical moves to better their game. Their performance is tracked, and feedback provided which helps them to make the right moves in the game.

An army marches on its stomach and so is with the students of any Boarding School. It is no surprise therefore that the Cooking Hobby enjoys immense popularity. The girls learn to prepare a variety of cuisine of different states of India as well as a few continental recipes. They also learn table layout and dining etiquettes.

Embroidery, jewellery designing, macramé, weaving, paper craft, clay art are some of the activities undertaken by the girls in the craft Hobby. The girls work in small groups of their chosen activity and work under the guidance of the teacher and seniors. Their artistic creations are highly appreciated at the exhibition and find ready buyers during the Baal mela.

Creative Minds
This Hobby encompasses various art forms ranging from fine arts, Rangoli, mehendi, mural art and lots more. The artistically inclined girls join the hobby in large numbers. Here they experiment with and explore various traditional and popular art forms and play an active role in creating props and stage décor for major celebrations and school events.

The gentleman’s game finds many takers in school. The girls are given practice of both batting and fielding. Training includes helping them acquire good hand eye co-ordination, the ability to throw and catch a ball, good batting and bowling technique and developing concentration. Friendly matches amongst members and sometimes with staff are an added attraction.

The adventure enthusiasts of school join the Cycling Hobby. Apart from a lot of practice on campus they are also taught a few basic exercises for building endurance and developing muscle strength. Nutritional advice and orientation on road safety rules also form a part of the training regimen. The girls are occasionally taken for out of campus rides to Hansi, Agroha and other nearby destinations. The truly keen ones then opt for a long-distance Cycling Expedition.

The Dance hobby is one of the most popular hobbies at school. To complement the learning of Classical dance in the Performing Arts classes the hobby diversifies into other dance forms. Some of them are contemporary, robotics, tutting and lyrical dance. The sessions are a mix of what the teachers have planned and popular choice of students. Face offs and choreography by students makes the classes very interesting. The girls grow in confidence and take part in school functions and Inter school competitions.

Debate (Hindi& English)
The gifted orators and the ones desirous of honing their public speaking skills join the English or Hindi Debating Hobby. As part of Hobby meetings dialectical thinking is promoted on a wide range of interesting topics. The girls are trained to develop cogent arguments and master the delivery of content with confidence and the right body language.

Indigenous Games
To reinvigorate and reignite interest in traditional games and sports this Hobby exposes girls to kabaddi, kho kho, stapoo, seven stones and marbles. The girls enjoy the non-competitive format of the games and in the process acquire agility, strength, balance, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and strategy. With negligible use of infrastructure and tools the girls are able to enjoy and gain physical stamina in this hobby.

Instrumental Music
The students join the Instrumental Music hobby to gain expertise in playing one or more instrument of their choice. Training in playing guitar, piano, drums, violin, and sitar is imparted in the classes. The girls begin by learning the right posture, proper handling of instruments, the basics of the craft and then graduate into performing on songs. The members form an integral part of the School orchestra and give several enthralling performances on major school functions.

The School boasts of a wide number of publications. The members of the Publication hobby play an important role in content creation for the same. They are trained in various styles of writing be it articles, reports, poetry, short stories and lots more. They brainstorm ideas to enhance the appeal of the publications and are also trained in the finer nuances of editing, proofreading and page layout.

The members of this hobby are taught the art of making sculpture using a variety of materials like clay, wood, POP, tiles, paper etc. Besides this, they also have informative talks on different forms of sculpture from all across the world, history of sculpture, new ideas etc. The beautiful installations created by members of the Hobby adorn several spaces in school.

Sound Engineering
In the Sound Engineering Hobby girls learn sound mixing, equalization, and electronic effects, recording, and reproduction of sound. They get trained to record or handle the sound live thereby ensuring clarity and top quality. They also acquire expertise in the creative as well as technical phases of editing, recording, and using various sounds in live situation. Some of the aspects covered are sound design and synthesis, analog and digital consoles, music theory and ear training and custom library development.

Textile Designing
The creative girls with a penchant for fashion opt for Textile Designing. Here they learn the skill of Batik, Tie and Dye and T shirt Designing. They conceptualise the look of the fabric, learn the safe mixing and handling of colours and prepare beautiful pieces of art. Their creations are highly appreciated during the exhibitions and Bal mela.