(Teacher I/C - Shrabani Kayal, Suman Arora, Shriram Gautam)

The purpose of God is to create and sustain. Thus, those who create and sustain human beings, those who are in the service of mankind are really in the service of God. It is often said that worship of God can be done through the service of mankind. God actually loves those who love his creation and serve society. Abu Ben did not list his name in the list of those who love God as he had no time for worship. The next night he was told by the angel that God loved him the most as he loved and served his creation.

In our school we help the students to imbibe the spirit of community service. Because men learn to serve his fellow men in his formative period i.e. when he is engaged in his studies. So, a student life is the most appropriate time for community service. In our school students have been divided into different mentor groups and mentors motivate and involve their group in different types of community services. The different activities undertaken by the Jindalites under the VDJS Community Service programme are as follows:


We donate books to different NGOs and students use the leftover pages of used notebooks to create new notebooks in the ‘BOOK BINDING CLUB’. Later these notebooks are given to needy children at orphanage.


The elderly people are priceless to the nation because of their wide experience and wisdom. VDJS girls and staff are working together to weave a web of love and compassion for our senior citizens who have been the source of wisdom and guidance all their lives. The elderly today more than anything needs a smile, a kind word, and someone to talk to them and laugh with them. We provide this opportunity to our students to fill some love and joy in the lives of these seniors. The students visit the old age home to clean and arrange their rooms, help in preparing and serving food to them. Our students also like to celebrate their BIRTHDAY with the elderly.


Cleanliness drives are an integral part of VDJS activity calendar. Students organize cleanliness drives in school, mess, and boarding areas from time to time and help to keep the campus spic and span. NCC cadets along with IAYP students conduct the cleanliness drives at Hisar Railway Station. They also perform skit and nukkad natak to spread awareness for cleanliness among people. Every year SWACHHATA PAKHWADA is a regular feature where the whole school participate in different cleanliness activities.


Students visit Jindal Hospital to assist the nurses in looking after the patients. Different groups of students participate in school mess and help the mess staff in laying the tables, chopping, and sorting the vegetables, cleaning the cereals, rice etc.


Girls from Kanya Gurukul Dobhi, a school for the underprivileged, have become an integral part of the VDJS community. School has adopted this Gurukul and assist them in their infrastructural needs as well as our girls organises skill classes for the girls of that school. We also invite them to school to participate in different activities giving them an exposure to showcase their talent and learn new things from our school.


Students and teachers conduct different awareness programmes for the Support Staff on Anti-Tobacco, save girl child, parenting skills, teamwork, importance of hygiene, IT awareness and managing finance etc. Awareness rallies from school to Hisar Cantt, nearby village Mayyer, and staff CAMPUS are a regular feature. NUKKAD NATAKS on social issues are performed by the Jindalites at various places making people aware of their responsibilities.
Staff and students organize different skill activities like Arts, Sculpture, Vedic Math, Music, Dance and IT classes for the children of support staff residing on the campus.


Students regularly visit the orphanage ‘SHAISHAV KUNJ’ and conduct different activities for orphanage children. We also invite them to school to participate in various activities on the occasions of Gandhi Jayanti and Sports Day.


To save environment Jindalites participate in various activities like planting saplings and taking care of the trees in school. Students and teachers work together in the school ‘Botanical Garden’ and help in leveling the ground, planting and watering the plants, removing weed, enhancing the aesthetic by their artwork. They also maintain the school campus as a No Plastic Zone.