Cultural Evening for Jindalites

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A cultural evening for the children, of the children by the entire VDJS Staff was orchestrated on 9th December in the Auditorium. The event was held as a post-celebration for the Children’s Day, since the long-maintained tradition of Bal Mela, could not be organised due to the Diwali Holidays. Top-secrecy was what the staff had hoped to achieve all through the rehearsals which made the students even more curious to find out the inside story and got the anticipation fluttering around the campus.

An extra cherry on top was added as the students got permission to flaunt their outfits by wearing casuals to the celebration and got a chocolate as a welcome token, after all, snacks make every event better; especially if they are given to boarders.

The magnificent and truly awe-inspiring event commenced with the Principal, Ms Naina Dhillon, imitating the VDJS fashion with an oversized sweatshirt, sleeves covering her hands and flicks left out from braids, and introducing the teachers who rocked the stage with a medley of beautiful, child-like and popular songs that the entire audience sang in unison with the teachers. The Sports Department set the stage on fire with their surprising yet impressive moves and groove on folk songs. Another dance performance was put up by the staff to depict the engaged lives of students which led to them realising in the process that sometimes, excuses of being busy might be genuine. The students got a glimpse of what goes on inside the Administration Department with the amazing sense of humour that the Administration Staff has that became public with their comic play on Master ji and his Einstein pupils. The competitive spirit showed its face amid the fun and laughter as Mr Rohit conducted games for the audience- anything for a bar of chocolate as an award!

 The Fashion Show was an instant hit and beat the likes of Sabyasachi with the in-house models.  The Pastoral Staff in student avatars walked off the stage in uniform with sashays that screamed, ‘This is how the cool kids do it’. The auditorium was left overflowing with oohs and ahhs as the teachers upstaged the students with their own flare for fashion in the Grand Finale and  the girls could not stop chanting and cheering their teachers with ‘ So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!!!’

The cultural evening came to a close with the Principal acknowledging on behalf of the entire staff, how inspiring the students are for adults as a source of learning and staying spirited in all seasons. She also applauded the VDJS staff for putting up such a grand show. The night set in with a DJ session for the girls followed by a special dinner.