Cycling Expedition from VDJS , Hisar to Jaipur(December 01-07, 2019)

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challenges are what make life interesting overcoming them is what is make life meaningful.’
Riding a bicycle has always been a fun loving activity for all most everyone, but nine students (Tapasya, Devyanshi,Divyanshi,Jiya ,Gursimran and Harshita of grade 11.Siddhi ,Nihari and Anushtha of grade 9) .Along with 6 escort teachers (Rupesh sir,Jay sir,Raushan sir,Shriya maam,Poonam maam and Pinky maam) from our school have created historty by completing 470 kms of journey from school campus to Jaipur.
They completed the entire journey in five days. Students along with teachers enthusiastically coverd approximately 100 kms per day. They all pushed themselves with high spirit to reach the destination. They spread the message of GOGREEN and made a lot of fans during this expedition.

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