Daizy Dharewal won 3rd prize in Story Telling Competition in the annual J.K.Kate Literary Fest at P.P.S Nabha

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J. K. Kate Knowledge Conclave

August 18-20, 2019

A delegation of 11 students namely Kashika Khasa, Daizy Dhariwal,Shruti K amalia,Rashi Khanna, Aastha Pilania, Kumkum Suneja ,Aarushi Mishra, Aashi Barnwal, Isha Airan and Sakshi Agarwal. left for P.P.S Nabha on August 18,2019 to participate in the annual J.K.Kate Literary Fest. Sixteen schools from all over India participated in this 3 day long event. This was one of the hallmark events P.P.S organizes every year in memory of their Founder Principal Mr. J.K. Kate and this event is in their annual repertoire leading to their Diamond Jubilee Year in 2020. There was an array of sub events organised namely 19thJ K Kate Memorial English Debate, 8th J.K Kate Inter School Quiz Competition,6th Creative Writing – ‘Craft a Poem’,5thBook Review,4th Spell Bee,3rd Story Telling Competition,2ndWall Magazine Competition,Inaugural Movie Review Competition.

VDJS proved their mettle in Story Telling Competition where Daizy Dharewal won 3rd prize. She narrated the story of grit and determination of Olympic medal winner Karoly Takacs who surmounts all odds and emerges victorious winning 2 Olympics gold medals consecutively. The girls put their best foot forward and left no stone unturned in giving their best.

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