Exchange Programmes

Exchanges are organised by the School for girls in Round Square member schools of other countries. Under this scheme a student can go on an exchange for a term. The opportunity offers a rich experience to the student and broadens her horizon by providing her a chance to learn the joys of living in a different cultural environment.

Junior School (Class VIII)

  • The Regent's International School, Pattaya, Thailand
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia

Senior School (Classes IX, X & XI)

  • Saint Clement's School , Toronto, Canada
  • Penyrn College, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Rodean School , Johannesburg, South Africa

Students participate in international and regional conferences and regional service projects. There are also opportunities for younger students to participate in Junior Round Square Conferences.


  • Regional Conferences (Classes IV to XII)
  • International Conferences (Classes IX to XII)
  • Regional Conferences – Hosted By School (Classes IV to VI)

Service Project

  • Regional Service Project (Classes IX to XII)
  • International Service Project (Classes IX to XII)


  • School Excursions(Classes IV to XII)
  • Regional Camps (Classes IV to XII)