Boarding House

The House system is a hallmark of a Boarding education. At VDJS, we have four Boarding Houses in total: Kasturba, Laxmibai, Sarojini and Savitri. Every girl is allocated to a Boarding House at the time of admission and she stays in the same House till the time she passes out from the school.

Our boarding houses offer comfortable and well-furnished accommodation with common rooms, games rooms, meditation room, prep halls along with access to Internet connection. All the boarding houses are situated on the school campus and provide a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere of warmth and security.

Each of our Boarding Houses is also home to the Housemistress, who is supported by Assistant House Mistress, two Dorm parents and four sahayikas. Together with the wider support network of Mentors, Counselling team, Medical team, and cleaning staff, the strong and caring team of adults caters to every girl’s needs.

A series of inter-house events are organised throughout the school academic calendar, fostering a spirit of friendly rivalry and allowing our girls to develop a sense of pride in working for house as well as for themselves.

Girls assume leadership roles through School Prefectural Board. As representatives of their house and the school leaders, they work collaboratively and constructively with teachers and classmates in building a strong and close community, which characterizes our School.

Pastoral Care

At VDJS we pride ourselves on providing outstanding Pastoral care that ensures that girls feel safe and are well looked-after throughout their time at the School. Robust policies and procedures, clear and sensible school rules and a supportive and enabling environment underpin our 24-hour pastoral care.

The Teaching staff plays a very important role in our pastoral care. Teachers are available 24X7 to girls: as Housemistresses, as mentors and as subject teachers in the classroom.

Our boarders benefit enormously from having the opportunity to be part of a community, sharing experiences and developing friendships within a structured and supportive environment.

Every new girl is given a buddy who knows the routine of the school day and who guides her around the school until she feels settled into school life. Every girl is also assigned a Mentor who keeps an eye on the progress of the child. The mentor is the first point of contact for both- girl and her parents.

A variety of topics based on Life Skills are covered in the house meetings, the mentor meetings and the sessions with our school counsellor. Outside speakers and video material are also used to enhance the pastoral care. We also have a newly refurbished Wellness Centre, which provides 24- hour cover and is staffed by a fully trained Medical team.

Our Code of Conduct booklet provides clear guidelines on subjects such as school uniform, attendance, Internet usage, mobile phone, how to behave in school, health and safety and behaviour to ensure that VDJS remains happy and respected.
Mrs Archna Sharma, Dean of Student Welfare, is the designated safeguarding lead for the whole of the School.