Learning Resource Center

The LRC is airy, pleasant and spacious with comfortable furniture providing a tranquil and serene atmosphere so essential for reading. The reference room with internet facilities can be used by students for serious work and individual study. TV sets to view educational video cassettes, multimedia computers, educational CDs, easy access to internet and various sites across the globe is available to the students at the click of a mouse. The LRC with its wide range of books to meet the demands and taste of every age group, endeavors to develop the reading habit and the appreciation of literature among the students. The various reference books on every subject help students to acquire in-depth knowledge and also develop independence in solving problems.

The LRC subscribes to a large number of news papers, journals, magazines and periodicals, thus keeping the students in touch with happenings in India and in the outside world.

The school is an institutional member of The British Council Library and The American Information Resource Center.

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