Sports Fields

VDJS offers a complete range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities to the girls.

  • Indoor facilities: The school has a Fitness Centre, Shooting Range, as well as the use of multipurpose hall for Badminton and Table tennis.
  • Outdoor facilities: The school has an Olympic size swimming pool, Skating rink, multiple synthetic Basketball, Volleyball and Lawn Tennis courts, grassy Hockey field, Soccer ground, 400 meters Athletic Track and proper set-up for Archery, Taekwondo and Yoga lawns.

Each girl is encouraged to specialize in any one game, whereher strength lies,and to participate in other sports as well to ensure all round development. Traditional Indian game-‘Kho-Kho’ and cerebral game- Chess are also very popular among girls. Further, the school has a mission that every Jindalite must be a swimmer.

The school sports calendar provides a matrix of intra and inter-school sports activities. Every girl on an average plays two hours of sports everyday under the able guidance of resident / visiting coach. Students regularly participate in CBSE, IPSC and National level Championships. Many National level players have emerged from the school.