Farewell to the Principal, Ms Shalini Mehrotra

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The VDJS staff and administration came together to host a grand farewell for our beloved outgoing Principal, Ms Shalini Mehrotra, on 20th May,2023 in the Auditorium. She was presented with a card as a token of love and affection by the Administrator, Mr Nikhil Rudra. Jindalites would be forever grateful to her for the learning and growth that they witnessed under her leadership.

Ms Mehrotra was swarmed with heartfelt speeches by the VDJS fraternity to express their gratitude and appreciation for her eight years of sheer hard work and dedication in ensuring the consistent rise of the Jindalites in all weather. The vibrant and committed journey of Ma’am as the crusader of knowledge and wisdom among children was digitally presented at the event. The impassioned and subtle poetry of Mr Hamid Khan and Mr Rohit Sharma and the classic rendering of songs by Ms Riju Vinayak and Mr Abhimanyu, Ms Seema Dhillon and Ms Mona Choudhary was a mirror to the lasting and inspirational impact she has on the VDJS community.

It was a moment of reflection, gratitude, and emotions, as Ms Mehrotra shared lifelong experiences, reflecting on her charismatic association with the school and the memories she would take along with her. The farewell came to a close with the bidding of best wishes for her future endeavours.