Fit India Week

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Fit India Week- 1st -6th December, 2020

Schedule of activities

Day 1:

1. Virtual assembly- Free hand exercises

2.  Fun and Fitness- Aerobics, Dance forms, Rope Skipping, Hopscotch, Zig Zag and Shuttle Running etc. Fit India Active Break capsules

LinK to visit Day 1 Activities

Day 2:

1. Virtual Assembly – Common Yoga Protocols

2. “Re-strengthening of the mind post pandemic”- Mental Fitness

Activities for Students, Staff and Parents

3. Open letter to Youth of the Nation on “Power of Fitness”

4. Open mic on topics such as “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate” etc.

Link to visit day 2 Activities

Day 3:

1. Brain games- Get videos of children playing chess/ rubik’s cube

2. Poster making Competition on theme “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” or “New India Fit India”

3. Preparing advertisements on “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” , “Emotional and Physical well-being are interconnected” etc.

Link to visit Day 3 Activities

Day 4:

. Virtual assembly-Lectures etc. about diet & nutrition during pandemic for Students / Staff & Parents-.

2. Essay/Poem Writing Competition on theme “Fitness beats pandemic”

3. Podcast on “Get fit, don’t quit” ; “Mental Health is not a destination but a journey” etc.

Link to visit Day 4 Activities :

Day 5:

1. Assembly- Online Quiz related to fitness/sports

All classes

2. Virtual challenges for students, staff/ teachers e.g.

(a) Squats challenge

(b) Step-up challenge

(c) Spot jogging

(d) Rope skipping

(e) Ball dribbling etc.

Link to visit Day 5 Activities

Day 6:

1. Virtual assembly-Activities for fitness sessions at home involving students and parents – Fit India Active Day

2. Creatively using home-based equipment for sports & fitness. E.g.

(a) Hacky sack at home (juggling with feet & hand – warm up activity)

(b) Aluminum foil inside a sock – ball and any wooden piece – bat to play cricket

(c) Mosquito bat and T.T. ball to play badminton/tennis

(d) Fitness circuit – Draw a ladder on the floor with a chalk piece or crayon

Link to visit Day 6 Activitivitie

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