French Olympiad (Advanced Level) 2019

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Twenty four Jindalites had appeared for French Olympiad (Advanced Level) held on 7th February, 2020 conducted by Education & Beyond India Pvt Ltd with the support of diplomatic missions in India Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Niger, Embassy of Senegal, Embassy of Guinea, Embassy of Burundi, Embassy of The Republic of Cote D’Ivoire, Embassy of The Republic of Congo, Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco, Embassy of Togo and Mondes Nouveaux in France.


It is a matter of great joy that 10 girls out of them scored 100%. Kudos to the winners!



S.No. Student Name Level Score(100%)
1 Moksha Aggarwal Advanced 100%
2 Versha Jain Advanced 100%
3 Megha Jain Advanced 100%
4 Anantveer Kaur Advanced 100%
5 Kanak Agrawal Advanced 100%
6 Bhoomi Advanced 100%
7 Shruti Agarwal Advanced 100%
8 Chhavi Goyat Advanced 100%
9 Liya Advanced 100%
10 Parnoor Kaur Advanced 100%



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