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The rejuvenating evening of  Freshers’ Nite on 1st August 2023, was stringed with the gleaming pearls of numerous talents of the newly-inducted freshers in the VDJS family. With the theme of ‘Arabian Nights’, the promising event commenced with the spiritual and divine Ganesh Vandana. What came next was a nonstop package of wondrous surprises. The power-packed dance on ‘Mahishasurvardini’ unleashed the fiery womanhood on stage. The serene Nepali dance and the mass-favorite, ‘Bhangra’ made the audience vibrate at a variety of frequencies. The concertgoers sang along with Vijay Sir as he showered both petals and laughter. The ‘Qawwali’ by the ‘Qawwals’ enthralled the audience, followed by alluring poetry. Amateur models were show-stoppers in their own right. Wearing elegance complemented by pristine charm, the newcomers wooed the audience with their simplicity and confidence on stage. The gathering was enchanted to be taken to a new dimension of magic, where they were spellbound by the awe-inspiring ‘Arabian Nights Musical’. The exemplary live painting by the Crusaders of Art was applauded by the gathering. Finally, the special newcomer of the evening, the Principal, Ms. Naina Dhillon, startled and confused the audience with her tongue twister. Naina Ma’am congratulated the freshers for their high-octane performances and Class XI for putting up a well-organised event. The Vidya Devi Jindal School fraternity heartily welcomes all the freshers with widely opened hands!

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