(Teacher I/C – Mr Sanjay Sangwan)

Hockey at VDJS caters to all its students, with an outstanding coaching team, a thorough training, strength & conditioning programme, and competitive playing opportunities at the highest level. We aim at imparting moral and ethical values to our students through the medium of sports.

Our school fields up to three Hockey teams across age levels, with players following an intensive training programme. Students are trained in morning and evening sports sessions 6 days a week. These sessions construct the different components of the game and provide players with the opportunity to work on both technical and tactical skills.

VDJS has coached students in Hockey for over 20 years winning a number of laurels for the school. VDJS has won IPSC Under-14, Under-17 and Under-19 categories over 35 times, CBSE Nationals Under-14 five times and Under-19 three times consecutively. Our students have also participated in All India Nehru Hockey championship seven times. We have over 250 students who participated in SGFI Nationals.