GENERATION GLOBAL – ‘Essentials of Dialogue’

(Teacher I/C - Mr Kishore Kumar Jha and Ms Mona Chaudhary )

Twenty First century world is a fully globalized world where people are intensely connected through social media and other digital platforms sharing and understanding each other’s culture, society, social values and all other issues which affect the lives of the people directly or indirectly.

Tony Blair Foundation is one such organization which is working to promote a global society free from religious and cultural bias, extremism, and other narrow sentiments with the purpose to develop open minded and stable societies through dialogue among the school students under the banner ‘Generation Global’.

Under the theme ‘Essentials of Dialogue (IOD) the organization organizes video conferences among the school students across the world to cultivate among them critical thinking and problem solving skills by sharing and understanding the social values of different regions of the world.

Vidya Devi Jindal School Hisar is a proud member of this foundation and the students of the school frequently participate in the Video Conferences organized by the foundation sharing their views on different social and cultural issues with the students of other schools of the world including schools from Asia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and America.

These conferences help to shape the attitudes and values among our students across differences and stay open-minded and respectful of differences. These conferences aim to foster children’s cognitive competencies of critical thinking and advanced communication skill by challenging them to think about stereotypes, reflect on what influences their opinion and think about their own identities. It also cultivates enhanced cultural and religious literacy – understanding and appreciating a range of different perspectives as well as enhanced digital literacy.

VDJS girls participated in the various conferences under EOD listed below: