Go Green Waste Management Session

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An awareness session on waste management was conducted at VDJS in collaboration with the ‘Go Green’ organisation from 21st-23rd January. The awareness drive was initiated with a general discussion and a compelling digital presentation on waste management for the students of classes VII & VIII who were divided into four groups according to their houses. Girls created a composting pit near the Organic Farm unit with the WET waste provided by the Dining Department. The four teams also learned and created Eco-bricks with the bread and milk wrappers, provided by the Mess. In two days of the workshop, Jindalites made 24 eco-friendly bricks and promised to make more with the wrappers of the Sunday Tuck.

  The school staff and the supporting staff were also sensitised about the segregation of DRY and WET waste at home and the demo of management of plastic waste by creating Eco-bricks using waste bottles and used plastic wrappers was given by the ‘Go Green team.

The three-day session highlighted the urgent need to take a call on the management of garbage to address the crisis of soil and water pollution on the Earth. It offered a smart way to deal with plastic waste and later on these eco-bricks would be used to create beautiful structures in the school. The session laid a road map for future endeavours for waste segregation, composting, and making eco-bricks by the VDJS community.