Holi Celebration at VDJS

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Corona Virus and the erratic weather played spoilsport in the festive season all over the country. However it failed to be a dampener at VDJS as the Jindalites ensured that while Holi may be celebrated without colours but in no way should it be colourless. This year a Holika dahan program was organized on the 9th of March. Dr Shriram Gautam shared the story of Holika which is testament to the power of devotion of bhakta Prahlada over the evil represented by King Hiranyakashyapu. Principal Ms Mehrotra also urged the girls to imbibe the spirit of the festival and celebrate it with joyfulness. She lighted the pyre amidst joyful songs and merry chatter of all who had gathered there. This was followed by a Jam session. On the 10th of March as per advice the girls refrained from the use of colours and water since the weather was not favourable. They spent happy moments with friends in the common room, enjoyed the special lunch and the mouthwatering Gujiyas.

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