ICS Career Workshop

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Dr. Amrita Dass, a globally renowned educationist and founder of ICS, Institute of Career Studies, orchestrated an extensive workshop for the students of Classes IX-XII and the staff to navigate Jindalites to identify and design a GPS to make the right career choice on 11th May in the Auditorium.

With her expertise in career counselling, Dr. Dass emphasised the importance of self-awareness, information gathering, and strategic planning in career development. She fostered an interactive environment during the session wherein students asked questions and shared their aspirations. Through engaging activities and real-world examples, she provided practical insights into making informed career choices.

As a member of the drafting committee of NEP, Dr Dass apprised the staff about the pivotal role of the intangibles to offer knowledge, wisdom and talent to the young learners. She elucidated on the challenges the educators are facing in adapting NEP in body and spirit. The hands-on group activity made the think tank of VDJS look in detail at the pros and cons of the Corona Pandemic, how to promote positive mental health, how the multidisciplinary approach to education is the need of hour that demolishes the regimented silos of arts, commerce, and science streams and how the schools are the promising platforms to encourage students to ideate and launch their creations and innovations to prepare them for future career choices.

Dr. Dass’s wealth of knowledge and engaging delivery style made the session both enlightening and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impact on  Jindalites’ career perspectives.