Inauguration of School Dining Hall by the Chairperson, School Managing Committee

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Chairperson Mrs. Deepika Jindal inaugurated the new Dining Hall on 1 April 21. She presided over the ceremonial pooja and marked the opening with the ritual breaking of the nariyal. Thereafter she took a round of the Dining Hall. While in the kitchen, she suggested for the recorded chanting of the mantras to be played while the food is prepared in the kitchen. She was apprised about the kitchen equipment, holiday kitchen and adherence to FSSAI and HACCP norms. Mrs Jindal enjoyed glancing through the images which captured the construction journey of the Dining Hall and a display of some interesting trivia of the school culinary experiences. Maám also interacted with the members of the Staff and the Prefectorial Body during refreshment.

The New Dining Hall is another great addition to the infrastructure development of the School. The kitchen has been equipped with the latest equipment viz., Electric oven, Dal and Milk Boilers, Brat pan for frying, automated chapatti making machine, Dishwasher for utensil, etc. Other unique features are the automatic lift for food pickup from the ground floor to the first floor, rainwater harvesting system and in due course of time, we will also install a Biogas plant, perhaps the only school in Haryana to do so. Everyone present took a round to understand the way the mess functions.

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