International Dance Day & Memory Junction-11

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A two- day Dance Workshop was organised at the school on 29th & 30th of April to celebrate International Dance Day by the VDJS alumna, Ms. Vandita Banka (Batch-2020-21), an instructor and learner of various dance styles like Contemporary, Aerial, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tutting, Classical, and Belly. The Jindalites rocked while learning the dance techniques and further refined their skills in Jazz, Tutting, Whacking, Sit-Walk, Hand and Body Wave, Basic Belly moves, and Hip-Hop.

Vandita was also invited to the Memory Junction-11 held on 30th April for Classes XI & XII in the Auditorium. She shared her experience of being a learner at NIMIMS, Mumbai, and the admission process and the UG courses offered by the institute with the young aspirants. She also enlightened them about the varied subjects for BA-Liberal Arts and BBA and the significance of profile building and social media skills. Being a fabulous dancer, she encouraged the girls to strike a balance between performing arts and academics by honing and practicing time management skills.

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