VDJS award King Constantine Medal to Ruchira Agarwal & Samiksha Singh


Vidya Devi Jindal School, in India proudly awarded the King Constantine Medal to two students Ruchira Agarwal and Samiksha Singh for truly embodying the spirit of Service.

The girls participated in the 2016 Round Square International Service Project in South Africa, helping to build two new classrooms for Entokozweni School.

"I wanted to go on the RSIS Project as I wanted to make a difference in this world to make it a better place and in return to make a difference in my own life. South Africa, as a country, has always been a must-visit on my bucket list." admits Samiksha. She further adds that, "This experience has helped me to transform into a more responsible human being as a member of the global community. I now have the goal of making the world a better place to live in through my work."

"I initially wanted to come to the project because I took keen interest in service in school," says Ruchira "the country fascinated me and I wanted to discover more. It was a great experience. I now want to contribute in my little own way to make this world a better place as a proper global village."

Ruchira and Samiksha continued their service in their local community, regularly visiting local old age homes and orphanages and hosting activities.

Both students also organised the Round Square IDEALS week, to celebrate Round Square's 50th Anniversary. "Round Square has helped make me a more compassionate leader and has developed in me the qualities of acceptance and compassion," says Samiksha.

"Coming out of one's comfort zone and striving to create newer experiences does makes oneself strong and prepares them future ready," agrees Ruchira.

"We are indeed proud of both our students, and they are truly deserving of the King Constantine Medal," says Aradhna Malik, the School's Round Square Rep, “their contribution towards the society has not only made them responsible, but also helped the students back in school to learn from their experiences.”

“This unique experience has made them realise that, the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you." says Head of the School, Shalini Mehrotra.

Both students will graduate from VDJS in April 2018. Ruchira plans to go to the National Law University, New Delhi, to pursue a career in law while Samiksha plans to go to Saint Xaviers College in Mumbai, to pursue journalism. Both hope to continue to make a difference in the world and to help others.

Round Square

Round Square schools are founded on a philosophy which embraces a series of six pillars or precepts which can be summed up in the word IDEALS. They are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Students at Round Square schools make a commitment to addressing each of these pillars through exchanges, work projects, community service and adventure. The overriding goal is to ensure the full and individual development of every student as a whole person through the simultaneous realization of academic, physical, cultural and spiritual aspirations.

We are privileged to be a Round Square School and identify with the IDEALS of Round Square with the core values that are promoted by the School itself. As we prepare our girls for life, we ensure a holistic development of every girl.

Kurt Hahn's philosophy of belief in others and in oneself is keenly observed through various social service programmes to assist the less privileged people.

Students imbibe skills for life to be global citizens and co-exist in harmony and friendship with other nations and cultural ethnicities. RoundSquare empowers both students and teachers with a more comprehensive understanding of today's world. Girls step through the journey of life, exploring the various nuances of circumstance, existence and community; they invigorate their capacities of becoming ambassadors of the RS IDEALS.

An Annual Young Round Square Conference(South Asia and Gulf Region) and service project hosted by us endorse our long term commitment and responsibility to a voyage of self-discovery that nurtures a deep seeded consciousness of working towards a universal community.