Investor Awareness Program

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HDFC Mutual Fund, Hisar organised a seminar on the ‘Investor Awareness Program’ under the code of conduct of SEBI on 25th  August to educate the VDJS staff to invest in various upcoming and promising investment portals. The resource people for the program were, Mr Vipin Sharma, Branch Manager, HDFC Mutual Fund, Hisar Branch, and Mr Bharat Jain, Chartered Accountant and former Chairman, ICAI, Hisar Branch, and the founder of MIS STOCK GLOBAL SECURITIES LLP, Hisar and Mr Rahul Singhal, Chartered Accountant. Mr Vipin Shrama emphasised the importance of financial literacy for teachers and deliberated on the dwindling rate of interest in PPF and FDs and the consistent rise in inflation rate which explain the necessity of looking for new platforms for investments other than the traditional ones. He further highlighted the various modes of investment for long-term returns and briefed about how investing in Mutual Funds promises higher returns. The session broadened the horizons for safe investments that are ideal for the middle class.

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