Kritika Jindal bagged the “special mention” award in the IXth PWSMUN Conference held in Pathways World School

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IXth PWSMUN Conference was held in Pathways World School, Aravali, Gurgaon from 29 Aug to 1 Sept 2019. The topic was – ‘SOLIDARITY AT THE CORE : Tackling Issues in the Middle East and North African Region”.

A total of 423 students from 11 leading schools of India participated in the event. 11 committees were formulated namely – UNSC, UN WOMEN, UNESCO, HGA, AFRICAN UNION, ARAB LEAGUE, UNHRC, OPEC, WHO, PRESS ROOM and SPECPOL.

The session started with the Opening Ceremony including the speech given by Dr. Sarvesh Naidu – Executive Director of Pathways Schools. He touched sensitive issues of Middle East and North African Region.

From VDJS, six girls participated in MUN.
1. Garima Kamra represented Iraq, her committee was UNESCO and agenda was “Protecting and promoting monuments and structures of cultural and historic importance in the Middle East.’
2. Nimrit Bhatia represented Jordan, her committee was WHO and agenda was “Ensuring universal healthcare and sanitation in the MENA region.’
3. Manya Sihag represented Togo, her committee was African Union and agenda was “Ensuring establishment of stable government structures in post revolution transitions.’
4. Yohanshi Bishnoi represented Guatemala, her committee was HGA and agenda was ‘Determining the national identity of the displaced Jewish populations of Europe in the Aftermath of the World War 2.’
5. Ishita Agarwal represented Hungary, her committee was UNHRC and agenda was ‘Discussing human rights violations against women and children in Nigeria.’
6. Kritika Jindal represented Brazil, her committee was UNGA and agenda was ‘Discussing the issues of the Western Sahara : the question of referendum respectively.

A midnight crises session was organised in the school auditorium that lasted till 12.30 am in order to prepare the students for critical situations.

Our students gave a tough competition to the opponent teams. Kitika Jindal bagged the “special mention” award in the PWSMUN.

Overall, it was an enriching and fruitful experience of learning.

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