Latika Dhiman qualifies for the National Level INSPIRE Awards – MANAK

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It is a matter of great pride that Latika Dhiman of Class XI participated in the Online SLEPC INSPIRE Awards and has got selected for the National Level competition.

She has designed and prepared an innovative model of EQUINE SHOES (house/ponies/mules/donkeys) made from old tyres and soles of old shoes. These shoes are a better alternative to the traditional iron horseshoe, which is the major cause of injuries and infections in equines. They can be fitted and removed just like normal shoes. The other advantage is that they can be fixed with adhesive and small-sized nails, which do not hurt the Equines hooves and are long-lasting. The collaboration will be done with Equine Breeding and Research centre and the shoe industry to refine the model so that it can be used commercially.

Latika and her mentor teacher Ms. Neelam Sharma will attend the online mentoring programme on 15th and 16th February 2021 organised for the State Level awardees of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh under the INSPIRE Awards – MANAK Scheme. She will get the opportunity to discuss her project with the experts for further improvement in the prototype/project and learn design skills from them. The improved prototypes will be showcased in the National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (NLEPC). The duo has also planned a visit to a shoe factory in Bahadurgarh to make a few samples of refined prototypes, which can be tried out on Equines for further improvement and commercial production. We wish Latika all the best.

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