Launch of Virtual Corridor

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At VDJS we realise that teachers are a very important pillar of the educational edifice hence their mental and emotional well-being must get as much due as their professional capacity building. To fill the interaction gap created by enforced social distancing a fun meeting space ‘the virtual Corridor’ has been created for the members of the faculty. This is envisioned to be a place where the entire faculty would gather, shoot the breeze, discover each other and quite simply just have some fun.

The maiden meeting was held on 11th October. The session conducted by DOA, comprised fun polls, quiz, Q&A along with a game by the dance teachers. All members of the faculty participated with enthusiasm and shared their views on the frequency and nature of the meets. Many have volunteered to be a part of the core team for planning subsequent meets. Principal Ms Mehrotra urged the staff to take out moments for connecting with each other. She expressed hope that this platform will help us learn many things from each other and bring us closer as a community.

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