Life at VDJS

Happiness in our essence, in our core

Life at VDJS is not confined within the classrooms. Jindalites live, learn and grow together on the 47 acres of lush green campus under the personal care and guidance of dedicated staff who help them develop as happy, healthy, and caring citizens. Happy teachers, happy school, happy curriculum, happy classroom, and of course happy children. This is the essence of the pledge our entire VDJS family has taken. This pledge is transacted through activities like Joyful assemblies, happy dinners, Jam sessions and ensuring a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere at our green campus.

The Boarding life plays a crucial role for a sustainable future-ready child whose holistic wellbeing is ensured. Our boarders benefit enormously from having the opportunity to be part of a community, sharing experiences and developing friendships within a structured and supportive environment.

Emotional wellbeing of our children is our priority and mental wellbeing an indispensable part of school life. To bring this objective to life, we have around the clock team functioning with a plethora of skillsets as per children’s needs. Residential counsellor, special educator, medical officer, a well skilled pastoral staff are all the pillars to ensure emotional, physical, and psychological care and help to the worthy daughters at our campus.

Every new girl is given a buddy who knows the routine of the school and who guides her around the school until she feels settled to be a part of this closely knitted family. Every girl is also assigned a Mentor who provides an adult supervision and guidance to ensure the required progress of the child. The mentor is the first point of contact for both – child and her parents.

Robust policies and procedures, clear and sensible school rules and a supportive and enabling environment underpin our 24-hour pastoral care. Our Code of Conduct booklet provides clear guidelines to ensure that every individual in VDJS remains happy and respected.