Kasturba House

House Motto: Obedience

Kasturba House has been named after the abode of simplicity- ‘Smt. Kasturba Gandhi’ who is aptly personified in the history as the symbol of obedience. We Kasturbians firmly believe that with Resilience, Perseverance and Positive Attitude one can face all circumstances and give a purpose to them.

House Mistress Ms Anita Dhull
Assistant House Mistress Ms Chhaya Singh
Dorm Parents Ms.Kamakshi Iyer
Ms Sovi Sebestian


  • Ms Aradhana Sindhu
  • Dr Santosh Mishra
  • Mr V Akuli
  • Mr Dinesh Kumar
  • Ms Suman Poonia
  • Mr Jatin Kumar
  • Ms Sangeeta
  • Mr Rakesh Sharma
  • Ms Janki Kumari
  • Ms Neelam P Sharma
  • Ms Sunita Jain
  • Ms Sharavani Ganti
  • Ms Monika Sharma
  • Ms Mamta Sharma
House Prefect Rajvi Agarwal
Vice House Prefect Gunjan Aggarwal
House Monitor Yogita Dahiya

Toppers Of Class – XII (85% and above in Science, Commerce and Humanities)

  • Simran Kaur
  • Saloni Sancheti
  • Nidhi Lohia
  • Jagriti Jain
  • Radha Agarwal
  • Tamanna
  • Riddhi Agarwal


  • Drishti Tayal
  • Vibhuti
  • Medhavi Jain
  • Isha Sihag
  • Tanisha Goyal


  • Class VII - Nishtha Bansal


  • Class VII - Nishtha Bansal (Hindi/ Social Science)
  • Class VII - Hrishita Agarwal (Sanskrit)
  • Class XI - Deepa Jain (Accountancy)
  • Class XI - Shifali Jain (Physical Education)
  • Class XI - K. Dhanashri (Fine Arts)
  • Class XI - Kritisha (Dance)


  • Class V - Manasvi Garg


  • Class V B - Geetanjali
  • Class VIII A - Rubani Cheema
  • Class VIII C - Minal Chaudhary
  • Class IX C - Isha Agarwal
  • Class IX C - Rajvi Agarwal
  • Class XII C - Pragya Goyal
  • Class XII D - Riddhi Agarwal
  • Class -
  • Class -


  • Class XI - Sapontara Bora


  • Class X - Sanya Nar
  • Devika and Nisha Pacheria participated in SPECTRUM I at Unison World School, Dehradun.
  • Gunjan Aggarwal participated in BVCMUN’14 held at Bhavan Vidyala, Chandigarh.
  • Gunjan Aggarwal participated in The Young Statesman Meet’2014 held at The Air Force School, New Delhi.
  • Alin Seth, Medhavi Jain, Rubani, Umang Mor and Gunjan Aggarwal attended various Video Conferences under Face to Faith.
  • Medhavi Jain, Tanisha Singh, Aashta, Isha Sihag and Tanvi attended ATC at TDBS, Hisar.
  • Medhavi and Amulya participated in BPSMUN’14 at Birla Vidyapeeth, Pilani.
  • Nisha Pacheria participated in Poster Making Competition held at DPS, Hisar in November’14.
    • Dhanashri, Dhwani, Kritisha and Neetu participated in Chemistry Symposium held at DPS, RK Puram, New Delhi.
    • Asmita secured 3rd position in National Cyber Olympiad.
    • Saru Gupta secured 3rd position in National Science Olympiad.
  • Medhavi got Best speaker in Debate (against) and secured 1stpostion in quiz at TDBS, Hisar.
    • Chitra got gold medal in Eduheal Maths Olympiad.
    • Chitra got bronze medal in Eduheal Science Olympiad.
    • Tulsi Agarwal bagged silver medal in SOF Maths Olympiad, silver medal in Silver Zone Maths Olympiad. She bagged gold medal in Eduheal Maths Olympiad.
    • Ananya Garg and Kanchan Bishnoi bagged second position in Hindi Drama at Division Level.
    • Ananya Garg and Kanchan Bishnoi bagged first position in Hindi Drama (District Level).
    • Dhanashri bagged third prize in Poster Making in Inter School Competition at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
    • Vomica Deswal participated in IPSC Poem Recitation and Radio Natak at Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun.
  • Swati Kadyan got bronze medal in Eduheal Science Olympiad.
  • Gunjan Aggarwal got silver medal in Eduheal Science Olympiad.


  • Chariya, Hrishita participated in Young RS Conference at PPS, Nabha.
  • Chitra, Tanisha Goyal, Sanjana Yadav and Vibhuti Mehta attended RS conference at The Pathways School, Gurgaon.
  • Parineeta, Sanya, Jasmeen and Kanak attended Young RS Conference at Singapore International School, Mumbai.


  • Anshu Pandey, Hrishita Agarwal, participated in IPSC Yoga competition held at Balika Birla VidyaPeeth, Pilani.
  • Aanchal Arya(qualified),Jagmanjot and Swati Kadyan participated in Shooting Competition (State level) at Kurukshetra in October,2014.
  • Muskan Lohan, Muskan Gupta, participated in IPSC Soccer held at Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer.
  • Kritika , Muskan Singhal and Kritika participated in IPSC Basketball held at Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun.
  • Jasmine Singh, Minal Chaudhary and Dhanashri participated in IPSC Swimming Competition held at VDJS, Hisar.
  • Jasmine Singh, Minal Chaudhary participated in CBSE Swimming Competition.
  • Alin Seth, Rashi Agarwal got selected for Nationals Hockey and qualified till quarter finals.
  • Vanshika Sheoran participated in IPSC Annual Athletic Meet held at PPS, Nabha.
  • Isha Sihag attended Thal Sena Camp (NCC).
  • Nisha Pacherian participated in CBSE National Taekwondo Championship held at South Point Public School, Sonepat.
    • Harishma, TanishaSingh, Ayushi Singh and Aishwarya went for Taekwondo SGFI championship.
    • Devika, Jagmanjot and Aanchal Arya participated in IPSC Shooting competition held at The Daly College, Indore.
    • Aanchal Arya(qualified for open nationals) and Jagmanjot participated in competition organized by All India Inter School Rifle Association, New Delhi.
    • Aanchal Arya and Jagmanjot participated in Open Hayana States Championship at Dr.Kari Singh Shooting Range, New Delhi.
    • Aanchal Arya participated in Open Nationals Shooting Championship at Gun for Glory Shooting Range, Pune.
    • Yogita, Manya and Isha Agarwal secured 3rd position in IPSC Volleyball competition held at MNSS, Rai.
    • Devika Rai bagged 3rdposition (pistol) at The Daly College, Indore.
    • Alin Seth, Rashi Agarwal Bagged 2nd position in U-14 Hockey Tournament held at MNSS, Rai.
    • Sanjana Yadav bagged Gold medal in District Level Skating Competition, Silver medal in State Level Skating Competition and Gold medal in National Level Skating Competition.She also received Rs.3lacs Sports Scholarship by the State Government.Our School rewarded her with Sports scholarship worth Rs.30,000.
    • Aanchal Arya was awarded with Rs.1 lac Sports Scholarship by Government.Our School rewarded her with Rs.10,000 Sports Scholarship.
    • Nisha Pacheria bagged silver medal in CBSE Taekwondo Championship held at Seaba International School, Sangrur.
    • Harishma, Tanisha Singh, Ayushi Singh, Aishwarya and Sameeksha Dhaka bagged Gold medal and Bronze medal in IPSC Taekwondo Championship which was held at VDJS, Hisar.
    • Dhanashri bagged Gold and Silver medal in CBSE Swimming Championship and got selected for Nationals.
    • Elorma bagged Gold medal (rifle) at State level.
    • Aanchal Arya and Vomica Deswal bagged third position in Nukkad Natak in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Toppers Of Class – XII (85% and above in Science, Commerce and Humanities)

  • Swati and Yogita bagged III position in Power Point Presentation.
  • Manya bagged III position (VIII-IX) in English Elocution.
  • Rubani and Sameeksha bagged me and III position (juniors) in Hindi Debate.
  • Nisha Pacheria bagged III position in Hindi Poetry.
  • Asmita bagged III position (Group B)in Sanskrit Shloka.
  • Ankita bagged II position in Solo Singing Western (Group-A).
  • Sanya bagged III position in Solo Singing Western (Group-B).
  • Parineeta bagged II position in Solo Singing Semi-Classical (Group-A).
  • Nisha Pacheria bagged III position in Solo Singing Semi-Classical (Group-B).
  • Our House team bagged 2nd position in Group Singing.
  • Medhavi Jain secured first position in Essay writing.
  • Gunjan Aggarwal secured second position in Hindi Debate.
  • Yogita and Jasmine secured third position in Group B and Group A respectively in Fancy Dress Competition.
  • Yogita and Isha secured third position in Science Conclave ‘Model Making’.
  • Our House team bagged II position (juniors) in Mime.
  • Medhavi, Sapontara, Jagriti, Manya and Gunjan got best delegation (India) in Inter-House MUN.
  • Our House team bagged first position in Hasya Abhinay.
  • Gurman and Hrishita bagged first position in Inter House Mathematics Quiz.
  • Jasmeen bagged II position in English Poetry.
  • Saru Gupta bagged I position in Video Making in Science Conclave.
  • Khushman and Komal bagged third position in IT Brochure Making.
  • Arshdeep and Jagmanjot bagged third position in Rangoli Making.
  • Arshdeep bagged third position in Mehandi Making.
  • Jagriti bagged first position in Painting Competition.
  • Sapontara bagged second position in Tattoo Making.
  • Priyanka Raheja bagged I position in Solo Singing Semi-Classical (GroupD).
  • Anshuman bagged II position in Solo Singing Semi-Classical (Group-C).
  • Tanisha Singh, Gunjan Aggarwal and Kanchan Bishnoi bagged best position paper in UNHRC, General Assembly and UNESCO respectively in VIDMUN’2014.
  • Kritika bagged III position in Hindi Poetry.



We Kasturbians believe that ‘Success is the result and not the goal’ and this thought leads us all through the failures and success rooted in our way.