Savitri House

House Motto: Loyalty

Savitri House is named after Savitri Devi- a woman of loyalty, hard work, determination and vibrance. The House motto 'loyalty' teaches how to perform our duties with firm dedication and truth.

House Mistress Ms Kanishhka Goswamiy
Assistant House Mistress Ms Neelam P Sharma
Dorm Parents Ms Mini Rani Singh, Ms Manpreet Kaur Randhawa


Ms Neha Sharma Dr (Mrs) Sudha Singh
Mr Anil Kumar Sharma Mrs Kavita Sharma
Mr Mahendra Singh Deora Ms Mamta Sharma
Mrs.  Suman Arora Dr Rajesh Kumar
Mrs Erina Mehta Mrs Pawaljit Kaur
Mr Gaurav Kumar Mr Sanjeev Kumar
Mrs Chhaya Singh Mr Abhishek Charag
Dr Shriram Gautam Mr Raja Qasim
There is something new to learn in each new day. Learning never stops while we're living. A gift we should clearly take advantage of daily.


  • Vatsa choudhary topped class XII CBSE in Humanities and School.
  • Vatsa choudhary secured 100 marks in History and Dance subjects.
  • Dikshita Singla topped class XII CBSE in Commerce.
  • Shefali topped class XII CBSE in Medical.
  • Nikita Hooda, Shailly Agarwal, secured 100 marks in Sociology.


Nandini Rajgaria, Sajda


  • Sneha Boora, Shanya and Varenya Sharma of class IV
  • Deshna Jain, Aarya Jain, Diksha Jalan , Gayatri Khod of class V
  • Samiksha Jain of class VI
  • Kashvi Mehta, Anshita Rao of class VII
  • Lokavya Choudhary, Ruhani, Amisha Agarwal,Vrinda, Bhagwati Gautam, Swati Singh Jigyasa, Riya Garg of class VIII
  • Neeharika Malik of class IX for one year
  • Pari Chopra of class V
  • Joyti Seerat Khushi Mehta of class VI
  • Shubham Deep Kaur and Aditi Agarwal of class VIII
  • Simran Sangwan of class IX for two consecutive years
  • Niharika Singh of class VII
  • Riya Dhankar of class VIII
  • Radhika Goel of class IX for three consecutive years
  • Vanshika Sangwan, Khushi Kumari, Yashi Bhalotia and Manisha Gupta of class VII
  • Shagun Rungta of class VIII
  • Nandini Rajgarhia, Grecy Singhania of class IX for four consecutive years.
  • Gauri Sharma of Class VIII, Muskaan Banga of class IX for five consecutive years.


  • Class VIII - Manisha Gupta
  • Class XI (Science) - Sakshi
  • Class XI(Commerce) - Samriti



  • Class VII - Seerat
  • Class VIII - Anshita Rao


  • Class VIII - Anshita Rao
  • Class IX - Jigyasa
  • Class XII - Nupur Yadav


  • Class V - Deshna Jain
  • Class VII B - Manisha Gupta
  • Class VII C - Khushi Kumari
  • Class VIII B - Shagun Rungta
  • Class IX B - Vardha
  • Class IX E - Radhika Goel
  • Class X A - Riya Sharma
  • Class X C - Akshita Garg
  • Class XI C - Shikha Jalan
  • Class XI D - Arvee Jain
  • Class IXI E - Shaily Aggarwal
  • Class XI F - Vatsa Chaudhary


  • Class VI - Varenya


  • Inter House Doha Recitation
  • Inter House Shloka Recitation
  • Simran Sangwan Neeharika Malik bagged 1st prize in Divisional Level Legal Literacy Competition.
  • Simran Sangwan Neeharika Malik bagged 2nd prize in District Level Legal Literacy Competition.
  • Simran Sangwan bagged Best Delegate Trophy held at BPS, Pilani.
  • Sanskriti participated in DF Jack Memorial English Debate at Daly College.
  • Sanskriti participated in British Council Workshop.
  • Sanskriti participated in OPJMS, Debate.
  • Sanskriti participated in JK Kate Memorial Debate at PPS, Nabha.
  • Sanskriti Gupta, Simran Sangwan, Muskan Khurana, Shailly Agarwal and Arvee Jain Participated in IPSC Literary fest at Welham Girls' School, Dehradun.
  • Nandini Rajgarhia and Riya Sharma bagged 1st position in Best Out of Waste and Wood Carving in Jindal Art Festival.
  • Sanskriti Gupta and Anjulika participated in Extempore.
  • Nukad Natak and Dramatics organised by Expression India.
  • Riya Sharma, Nandini Rajgarhia and Sonal Patel participated in Geo Fest International Olympiad.


  • Muskan Khurana XI and Neha Dhull XI attended Round Square International Academic and Cultural Exchange programme at St. Clement School, Toronto, Canada.
  • Silvi and Shivani Flogla attended the Senior Round Square Conference at Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur.


  • Sajda participated in Taekwondo Nationals, CBSE and IPSC.
  • Nanya participated in Taekwondo Nationals and IPSC.
  • Felicitated with black belt: Nisha Agarwal, Sajda, Prishita and Muskan Madhogaria.
  • Ankushpreet participated in Taekwondo CBSE.
  • Pari participated in IPSC Taekwondo.
  • Riya Garg, Sonal Patel, Mahika Singhmar and Muskan participated in Badminton CBSE.
  • Vanshika Sangwan, Mahak Chaudhary, Nisha Kumari participated in IPSC Under-14 and secured the second position.
  • Mubarak Sandhu, Parul Yadav, Sarika Beniwal, Vanshika Sangwan, Mahak Chaudhary participated in IPSC Under-17 Hockey Tournament.
  • Vanshika Sangwan, Mahak Chaudhary (U-14) and Sarika Beniwal (U-17) were selected for SGFI Hockey Tournament.
  • Devanshi, Mehvish and Suhana participated in IPSC U-14 Basketball Tournament.
  • BADMINTON 1st Position Seniors and Juniors
  • THROWBALL 1st Position Juniors
  • BASKETBALL 1st Position Senior and Junior
  • HOCKEY 1st Position Seniors
    2nd Postion Seniors
  • TAEKWONDO 1st Position Junior
  • SOCCER 1st Position Junior
    3rd Position Senior
  • SWIMMING 2nd Position Seniors
  • VOLLEYBALL 2nd Position Seniors
    3rdPosition Juniors
  • TABLE TENNIS 2nd Seniors


Savitrians have shown excellent performance in the 'Athletic Meet' 2014-15. The House bagged the 'Best House Trophy' for Athletics.

The session 2014-15 has been very rewarding for the House as the students brought glory for the House. All the Savitrians showed a tremendously enthusiastic performance which led the House to the zenith of success.

Savitrians vow to continue to put our best forward with optimism, strength and perseverance to do our level best in the years to come.


"It shouldn't be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It's the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. When something's difficult to come by, you'll do that much more to make sure it's even harder―or impossible―to lose."

  • Nidhi Goyal participated in the IPSC Basketball Tournament U-17.
  • Sanchi participated in the IPSC Art Fest at Mayo College Girls' School, Ajmer.
  • Deepti, Aanya, Chahak, Mansi, Pooja Jindal, Jagan and Sampada attended the Annual Training Camp NCC Camp at Thakurdas Bhargav Senior Secondary School, Hisar.
  • Simran Oberoi participated in the CBSE Swimming Nationals and CBSE Championship. She also got selected for SGFI Nationals.
  • Lipika participated in the IPSC Quiz competitions held at The Daly College, Indore and Punjab Public School, Nabha. She also took part in the Adole Fest, Delhi and got overall first position and in vocabulary contest at Mann Public School, Delhi
  • Sampada Bhatia participated in the CBSC Taekwondo Championship and got 3rd position and in the IPSC she got 3rd position. She has also cleared the Black Belt Test and in States and got 2nd position. She has also participated in Creative Writing Competition at The Punjab Public School, Nabha.
  • Aashna participated in the IPSC Shooting at The Daly College, Indore and got 2nd position. She has also taken part in the State Level Shooting Championship.
  • Chahak participated in the Editor's Conference at The Scindia Fort, Gwalior.
  • Sonal participated in the IPSC Volleyball and got 3rd position.
  • Ananya participated in the IPSC Skating at LK Singhania Educational Centre and got a Silver and a Bronze medal.
  • Akashdeep participated in the IPSC U-17 Hockey and bagged 3rd position and she also got selected for SGFI National.
  • Mahima Kedia participated in the IPSC U-19 Volleyball Tournament.
  • Kommal Kumar participated in the IPSC U-17 Hockey Tournament and also got selected for SGFI National.
  • Anju Yadav participated in U-17 Taekwondo Championship and got 1st position; she also participated at State Level at Ambala, cleared black Belt test and also got selected for SGFI National.
  • Komal Poonia participated in the IPSE VolleyBall at MNSS Rai and bagged 3rd position.
  • Nandini Goel participated in District and Division Level in Power Point and Skit competition and bagged 1st position. She also participated in the Literacy Fest at Welham Boys' School, Dehradun.
  • Shivanshi Bhadouria attended the MUN at The Airforce School, Delhi.
  • Deepti Khipal participated in the Jindal Art Festival Mehandi Competition and got 3rd position, Creative Writing at Springdales School, DhaulaKuan, Delhi.


  • Overall Trophy for Co-Curricular
  • Overall Trophy for Sports.


  • Overall Trophy for Co-Curricular
  • Overall Trophy for Sports.

Sarojinites have proudly kept the dignity of their house with their heads held high. They have spiraled to great heights and made the house proud. They have actively participated in all the events and have worked hard to get their house on top. They have been punctual, disciplined and courteous throughout the session and will surely continue to do the same for the coming years.