Martial-Art Training Session

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Martial-Art Training Session was conducted by Mr Rakesh Sharma for Classes IV-XII along with members of the staff and ward of support staff. Classes IV- VI were sensitized towards ‘Situational Awareness’ and ‘Emotional Strength’. The  training session incorporated distinct exercises and skill technique  that focused on physical fitness and strength. A special talk on creating safety circle of trusted adults and building bridges of trust with parents helped girls understand the importance of reaching out.

Students of Classes VII- XII underwent a session on ‘Self Defence –Techniques & Strategies’. The training included some basic techniques along with simulations of some threatening situations with the strategies needed to cope with them. The focus was to help girls realise the merit of Self-reliance in place of depending on others for help. The members of the Staff and ward of Support Staff were also given tips to handle potential attackers with alertness while maintaining one’s poise.

The sessions were received enthusiastically by all and the second phase of training will build on the learnings of this.

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