Letter to the Alumnae

22 January 2021

Dear Alumnae
New Year Greetings from VDJS!

Re: ‘Memory Junction’ – Alumnae Talk Show

A Boarding school like ours thrives on the synergy that exists with the alumnae. VDJS values its bond with the girls who have passed out of the portals of this institution. We warmly open our hearts and gates for our alumnae who love to reaffirm their connection with this ‘home away from home.’

It has always been our desire and endeavour to strengthen our ties with the alumnae through enhanced engagement. Despite the circumstances created by the pandemic, we were sure that we did not want to miss out on this connection this year, which gave birth to ‘Memory Junction’, a monthly Alumnae Talk Show. It is a virtual platform that offers a confluence of the old with the new. The alumnae from different walks of life share their stories, talents, skills, and guidance with the present students.

The first two editions of the Memory Junction organised, on 23 November 2020 and 11 January 2021 were a huge success. The learning, nostalgia, bonhomie, and feeling of oneness were the main takeaways.

Going by the enthusiastic response to this initiative, it seems like we have stumbled on a treasure trove. The speakers for the next three editions scheduled for 26 January, 23 February, and 20 March 2021 are already finalised.

To continue the momentum, we wish more of you to volunteer to be the speaker and also join in large numbers to witness every edition of the Memory Junction. Your experience, talents, and memories are valuable to us, and we wish to absorb it all. We are sure that you will mark a day in your calendar to walk down the memory lane and catch up with all those tied with this invisible thread that weaves the great Jindal legacy.

For more details about the event and the speakers, please contact Coordinators, and we will be more than pleased to finalise the convenient date and time for you.

In anticipation of a positive and enthusiastic response, With best wishes,

Ms. Neha Sharma & Mrs. Meenakshi Chugh

(Coordinators, Memory Junction)
Email: nehasharma@vdjs.edu.in