Mr Rupesh, German Teacher attended German Teacher’s Training Programm “Digi-DaF-2019” India and Nepal.

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Mr Rupesh at Workshop


Mr Rupesh Kumar( Faculty German) attended the German Teacher’s Training Programm “Digi-DaF-2019” India and Nepal from 24th Aug to 25th Aug 2019. The Chief Guest was ‘Herr Frank’. The main focus of the workshop was to integrate Digital Resources in German teaching and learning process.

He learnt about the use of E-Portfolio in DaF (Grman) lessons and their use to show learners the way to independence in language. The importance of communicative competence in modern foreign language teaching was emphasized upon. The importance of exercises and tasks for language enrichment was also elucidated. The workshop helped him to get acquainted with e-learning tools which can be integrated with the lessons to make language learning fun and student-driven. Use of theatre and “Go to Goethe Project-Library visit are some other useful learnings which Mr Rupesh intends to implement in class.

He also got an overview of the German higher education landscape and study opportunities in Germany for Bachelor and Master. 


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