Mrs Shravani Ganti attended Un-Box ATL Teachers’ training program

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Mrs Shravani Ganti attended Un-Box ATL Teachers’  training program at MDN 

Public Rohtak by IBM in collaboration with SRF from 17th September to 20th September.

Total 40 teachers participated in this programme.

In the First day  session  the teachers were introduced  about basics of electronics and got exposure to various types of sensors. They also got  hands on practice on LDR Sensor and Humidity sensor  and soldering.

On day 3 the discussion was based on  how 

to maintain the Dashboard, PFMS, Gem and what is intellectual property, it’s copyrights &  patent etc.

On  day 2, it was discussed about 3D printer, its configuration and troubleshooting

On Day 4 the teachers submitted their prototype /working model  which were created during the workshop.

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