Mumbai Goa excursion for Class XI

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24 students of Class XI along with two teachers Mr Dinesh Ahuja and Mrs Seema Dhillon went on an educational excursion to Mumbai and Goa from February 16-22, 2020.

During this trip, students visited various historical Places and World Heritage monuments. In Mumbai, they went to Hazi Ali Dargah and Elephanta Caves which are situated in the Arabian Sea. To reach Elephanta caves students enjoyed the ferry ride and a toy train ride from Gateway of India. They were amused at the Tarapur Aquarium where a large number of colourful species of the fishes were displayed. They were delighted to see the sunset at Juhu Beach and relaxed in the evening on Marine Drive. Students enjoyed the Mumbai-Worli Sea link ride in the bus. They also went to Vrihad Mumbai where all the British era buildings like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Head Post office are situated. Girls thoroughly relished the Mumbai street -food ‘Vada Pao’.

‘Imagica’ was the wonderland for the students. They were amused by the adventurous rides,  3D shows, Deep space ride and the Snow World.

The next stop for them was Goa, a place of natural beauty surrounded by western Ghat on one side and Arabian sea on the other. Here they went to St Bom Jesus’s Church which is a World Heritage site and a museum of the Archaeological Survey of India, Shanta Durga Temple and Ganesh Prasann Temple. In the evening students went for a ride on a cruise in the Arabian sea where they enjoyed a live dance and music programme.

The trip was a much needed break after the hectic exam season. But in addition to the fun the students came back with respect for various religions. They learnt a lot about the culture, climate and geography of the south-west part of India and much deeper appreciation for the heritage of India.


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