My Peegu Activities

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Webinar on Conscious Parenting

On 6th February, MyPeegu, a firm which focuses on the overall development of the child and strengthens the bond between parents-child-teachers, conducted an online session on Conscious Parenting for the parents of VDJS students. The webinar aimed at equipping parents with the necessary skills to adapt to their child’s evolving needs. Making use of day to day life examples the resource person Mr. Chetan Jaiwal covered important aspects like -children must be taught HOW to think and not WHAT to think, how to tame a child’s tantrum by using positive language alternative and 5 essential steps to emotionally coaching one’s child. It was an interactive session wherein parents were encouraged to ask questions about any issues that they might be facing with their children. All queries were dealt with in great depth by the resource person.

Career Counselling Foundation MyPeegu

On 6th February, a Career Counselling Foundation session was organised by MyPeegu for students of grade IX-X. The session was conducted by Mr. Mahmood Ashraff, the strategic Head of the organization. Mr. Mahmood spoke about the importance of cultivating self-awareness giving day to day examples. MyPeegu is a valuable tool in identifying one’s interest and aptitude, which are the prerequisites for an individual’s chosen career path. Students were advised to build source relationships with their parents and teachers by cultivating open channels of communication.    

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