National Sports Day

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National Sports Day was observed in school with great joy and gaiety on 29th August. The celebration began with a Taekwondo drill by members of the Support Staff. Their perfectly synchronised steps and energy as they followed the command of the instructor were a sight to behold. The main attraction was the tile breaking act by a few members. This was followed by fun games like Kho Kho for the Group D Staff and friendly matches of Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball between staff and students. Principal Ms Mehrotra appreciated the Didis and Bhaiyyas for the enthusiasm and discipline that they had shown during the practice sessions. A token of appreciation was given to those who had shown outstanding performance.

She reminded everyone of the need to prioritise health and fitness by making physical activities a part of the daily routine. It was a day marked with camaraderie and energy as every member of the school community joined in the celebration.

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