Boarding House

The boarding houses offer comfortable and well-appointed accommodation with common rooms, games rooms as well as access to computer facilities and telephones. All the boarding houses are situated on the school campus. The boarding houses provide a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere of warmth and security that is adapted to the age of the girls.

Pastoral Care

At VDJS, we realize that for the boarding experience to work properly, there must always be an element of trust between the parents, children and staff. Our extended family offers support, security, friendships and independence for each girl. Girls feel that they belong centrally to their own family, as well as to their extended boarding house family. The relationships that are forged within the boarding house amongst pupils and staff help to promote the personal and social development of the girls. To that end, housestaff regularly meet parents and frequently talk to them on the telephone.

Boarding FAQs

What are the benefits of boarding at a relatively young age?
Our experience is that in general children adapt better to boarding earlier rather than later. Starting together in class 4, in small houses specially designed to suit younger children, boarders quickly feel at home.
Why should I consider a boarding education at VDJS?
Boarders get their work done but also have time to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities and childhood freedoms. Being together fosters great friendships and the children have the attention of dedicated adults in a warm community. For many families there are great practical benefits - less time on school runs or organizing child care, more relaxed time together - and for the children it is great fun.
How much contact do children have with their parents in term time?
The boarders have easy and frequent contact with their parents. Each boarder has an email address and can send/receive emails at any of the school's computers. They also have personal pin numbers for the telephones in the boarding houses. In addition the school upholds the important boarding tradition of a weekly letter home.
How much contact do parents have with the staff?
Parents have direct contact with the boarders' houseparents and their respective mentor.
How do I know if boarding is the right thing for my child?
The decision to board is not always an easy one, particularly as you have to anticipate a year or so ahead how a child is going to develop. We will certainly advise you, and rest assured, if we do not feel a child is ready or right for boarding, we will say so. Boarding is not the right answer for all families, but once you have seen round and had the chance to talk through your concerns, you should be much clearer in your minds whether this is right for your family or not.
When should we bring our daughter to look round?
Boarding at VDJS is very popular so it is advisable to register your interest as early as possible. To find out more about boarding at VDJS or to organise a tour of the School, please contact the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Ms Archana Sharma.